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Buy anything. Create anything. Make anything.



You are looking for something special?

We offer you unique 3D products from our designers a click away - ready to order, no technical knowlegde required!



You know how to design 3D objects?

Showcase and sell your products and capitalize on your skills!



You own a 3D printer?

Offer your production capacity and sell high-quality prints to our community!

We are currently building a fresh and pulsating 3D marketplace and community for all of you.
3D products fresh from the designer - delivered to your home or picked up at your local 3D printing store.


Bastian Gerner

Marketing & Sales

Bastian is media expert for print and web and has experience in media corporate groups. He is voooxel's creative soul for design, marketing and sales.


Matthias Kranister

IT & Finance

Matthias is experienced founder and looks back at 15 years of entrepreneurship in the IT business. voooxel counts on his expertise in IT and business leadership.


Elmar Laistler

Technology & Development

Elmar holds a PhD in physics and is doing research in the field of medical technology since 2005. He brings innovative technology and new features for voooxel.



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